Madison County Republican Party and More

I enjoyed visiting with fellow Republicans in Madison County Saturday at their Men’s Breakfast. There were quite a number of women in attendance, as well, as auxiliary members of the group. I appreciated the opportunity to share a bit about myself and provide my contact information to anyone who may want to contact me and learn more about my campaign.

Aside from us candidates being able to spread word about our respective campaigns, we heard a rousing speech by Mike Durant, a candidate for U.S. Senate this year.

Lynda Hairston, Chair of the Madison County Board of Registrars (l); Ed Packard (r)

After the breakfast, I met with Madison County Registrar Lynda Hairston and her husband, Randy. Since Lynda has been a long-time colleague and friend, I appreciated the opportunity to catch up on what’s been going on with her, both as a voter registration official, and friend. We were at Gibson’s BBQ in Huntsville, and while there some of Lynda’s and Randy’s friends came into the restaurant. Lynda took the opportunity to introduce me to them and shared with them that I am seeking the Republican nomination for Secretary of State.

I enjoyed meeting everyone that I spoke with in Huntsville!

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