Great Day – Wednesday: Probate Judges & Montgomery Voters

Today was another great day, especially with meeting voters and election officials.

This evening, at the invitation of a local shop owner, I met with a group of Montgomery voters at Baumhowers Victory Grill. I enjoyed meeting and talking with the people that had gathered for their usual weekly event.

I introduced myself and shared with them information about my candidacy for Secretary of State. Then, in small groups, we discussed whatever came to mind: Air Force life (one guy had served in that branch; I was an Air Force brat in my formative years); airplanes; comic books; politicians; etc.

After that meeting concluded, I went to meet various Probate Judges at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Montgomery. I was glad to have the opportunity to catch up with the judges since I hadn’t visited with them in quite some time due to the pandemic.

The judges and I swapped stories about elections we administered, their counties, Covid … and music. Talking about musicians and singers was pretty fun, but several judges stole the show by breaking out instruments and performing for us.

Probate Judges Harry D’Olive Jr. (Baldwin County), Ronnie Osborn (DeKalb County), Greg Dutton (Lawrence County), and Paul Story (Chambers County)

Tomorrow, I’ll have the opportunity to catch up with more Probate Judges and speak to their group as a whole about my candidacy.

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