On the Road: Guntersville

Sunrise over Guntersville

It’s a pleasure to wake up in Guntersville State Park, as these two can attest!

Good morning!

I drove up to Guntersville yesterday afternoon to spend some time with the Circuit Clerks at their winter conference. It was good hanging out with long-time friends and colleagues last night.

I have worked with Circuit Clerks – and other absentee election managers who are not Circuit Clerks – for many years, training them on absentee voting laws and procedures and providing them assistance with absentee voting issues that arise during an election.

Although I appreciate all voters who may need to vote by absentee ballot, I’m particularly proud of the work that Circuit Clerks do to ensure that Alabamians who live overseas as part of their military service or other life and career choices are able vote by absentee.

I am glad that, in my 24+ years with the Secretary of State’s office, I could assist the Circuit Clerks and other absentee election managers in serving not only these voters but all absentee voters.

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