On the Road: Decatur

On my way back from the speaking engagement in Moulton, I decided to spend the night in Decatur. As a result, I had time this morning to visit the Morgan County Courthouse.

I was fortunate to spend some time with the Morgan County Board of Registrars and Morgan County’s newest License Commissioner, Mrs. Kate Terry.

With Adonis Bailey of the Morgan County Board of Registrars

I first met Kate when she was a member of the Board of Registrars. Later, she transferred to Probate Judge’s office, where she coordinated the county’s elections. Recently, she was appointed to fill a vacancy in the office of License Commissioner.

With Kate Terry, Morgan County’s License Commissioner

I’m very proud of Kate, having watched her as she has grown as a public servant for the people of Morgan County. I wish her well in the coming days and years.

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