On the Road: Huntsville

I enjoyed the lunch meeting of the Republican Women of Huntsville Monday at The Jackson Center. In addition to sharing a great meal with its members, I participated in the group’s fashion show.

I modeled my eyeglasses with the following narration:

“Ed oftentimes attempts to emulate his grandfather and namesake, Edward Norton, of DeKalb County. Here, he is wearing eyeglasses styled like those his grandfather wore. Ed’s eyeglasses help him see the world more clearly — including the needs of voters, candidates, and election officials he has assisted over the years. He’s sure they will also provide him the vision necessary to see improvements needed in election administration as well the identification of voter fraud that needs squelching.”

With Justice Kelli Wise of Alabama Supreme Court, and Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh, President of the Public Service Commission

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