Great Day! Talladega, St. Clair and Jackson Counties!

Tuesday (1/18/2022) was a great day, filled with visits with great Republicans in Talladega, St. Clair, and Jackson Counties. My message and agenda items are resonating with people and they (the people) have been showing a lot of support for my candidacy.

The day started with my traveling to Talladega County to drop off campaign materials with the county Republican Party and a passionate supporter.

In St. Clair County, my long-time friend and elections administration colleague, Deborah Howard, continues to assist me. I’m very appreciative of her efforts. If you need help with any election-related issues in St. Clair County, she can help you!

Deborah Howard and Me

I provided Deborah campaign materials as well and then met various people at both the Pell City and Ashville courthouses. I thank Ken Crowe, county Revenue Commissioner, and Deborah for showing me around.

I met with members of the Jackson County Republican Party at Cattle Stampede Steakhouse in Scottsboro. I enjoyed talking to them one-on-one and then speaking to the group as a whole, especially when answering their questions about Alabama election law and procedures.

I appreciate that my cousin, Pamela Norton of Ider, joined me at the meeting. (Yes, I’m aware that Ider is in DeKalb County! But she lives near and works in Scottsboro and has shown tremendous support for my campaign!)

Pamela Norton, my cousin and supporter from Ider

At the Jackson County meeting, I was able to spend time and catch up with a couple of the county’s election officials, with whom I’ve worked for years: Bart Buchanan, Circuit Clerk and Absentee Election Manager; and Kathy Thompson, a member of the Board of Registrars. Since I have usually interacted with county election officials over the phone, it’s great when I can see them in-person!

Bart Buchanan and Me
Kathy Thompson and Me

I’m looking forward to upcoming visits in many other of Alabama’s great counties.

How many elections have you … ?

This was a question that was posed to me recently by a supporter from Birmingham: How many elections have you worked on?

Using records from the Secretary of State’s web site, I was able to count at least 378 days on which an election was held, and I was part of the teams that participated in administering those elections.

The actual number of elections on which I worked is higher though, because that number (378) are distinct days on which elections were conducted. On many of those days, there were multiple elections being conducted on the same date. For example:

  • In 1999, when Alabamians were presented with a referendum on a proposed constitutional amendment that would have permitted a state lottery, the City of Montgomery conducted a regularly-scheduled municipal election.
  • In the same years as presidential elections, the vast majority of municipal elections have been held on the fourth Tuesday in August. (That will change in the near future, as most municipal elections will be moved out of the presidential election year beginning in 2023).
  • Sometimes, special elections for multiple legislative seats have been held on the same day. In 2021, special general elections were held on the same day for Alabama Senate District 14 and Alabama House of Representatives District 73.
  • Some municipalities do not hold their elections on the fourth Tuesday of a presidential year, but they still hold them on the same day as another municipality. In 2021, the Cities of Birmingham and Mobile held their regular municipal elections and their runoff elections on the same day for each respective election.

Additionally, the Secretary of State’s records do not always include information about special elections at the county or municipal level, although that office provides support for those elections when asked. I worked on quite a number of those special elections. For example:

  • This coming week, on January 11th, Dale County will conduct a special school tax election for which I helped them prepare.
  • On November 16, 2021, St. Clair County conducted a special school tax election which I assisted them with.