On the Road: Beauregard

Wednesday, I enjoyed attending community lunch at Providence Baptist Church in Beauregard. Providence is my dad’s (James’) and stepmom’s (Janice’s) church in Lee County. It was great meeting their fellow church members.

Two of those church members stood out in particular: former Probate Judge Hal Smith & Mr Jim Manos.

Judge Smith was my probate judge when I lived in Lee County. He was also in office when I began my work in Alabama election administration 30 years ago.

Mr. Manos is the father of high school friend Jim “Maxx” Manos.

With my Dad, James Packard
With my Stepmom, Janice Packard
With Retired Lee County Probate Judge Hal Smith

On the Road: Opelika

This past Tuesday, March 22nd, I had the opportunity to meet and speak with Lee County Republicans in Opelika at the county courthouse. It was a pleasure visiting with them in the county where I grew up and lived for so many years and where my dad (James Packard), stepmom (Janice Packard), cousin (Mike Norton), and the family of my sister (Angie Holt) still lives.