On the Road: Madison

Tonight, I was at a meeting of the Republican Women of Madison. Unfortunately, a bit into my speech, we were informed that the area had been placed under a tornado warning. Moments later, we were told their were tornadoes to the west of us.

In the interest of safety, the group decided to adjourn the meeting early. Although that action truncated my speech, I wanted to go too.

They told me as we left that they’d reschedule me for a later date. I appreciate that offer and their consideration.

Further Statement on Securing Alabama’s Electronic Voting Machines

I issued a press release today continuing to urge the Alabama Legislature to further provide for securing our electronic voting machines.

In the press release, I encourage the Alabama House of Representatives to pass SB46. That bill was approved in a House committee yesterday and now moves to a floor vote in the House.

Click below to read the press release.

On the Road: Madison

I enjoyed meeting members of the Republican Women of Madison today.

Photo Courtesy of Debra Jones, Candidate for Associate Justice on the Alabama Supreme Court

I was especially glad I could share with them that Senate Bill 46 cleared a committee in the State House of Representatives today and now heads to a floor vote.

The bill, by my State Senator, Clyde Chambliss, prohibits remote connectivity to our voting machines through the use of the internet, telephony, Bluetooth, near field communications (NFC), and similar technologies.

Once the bill is approved by the State House, it will go back to the State Senate for approval of adding the language about Bluetooth, NFC, and similar technologies.

If you are concerned about hacking of our voting machines through the use of the internet and other similar technologies, I encourage you to contact you State Representative and State Senator.