On the Road: Oneonta & Cullman

Tuesday, after I left Pell city, my travels took me to both Oneonta and Cullman, where I visited with friends and supporters of my campaign for Secretary of State.

I especially enjoyed visiting with county election officials with whom I worked during my 24+ years in the Secretary of State’s office. It was great to reminisce with them about the various elections and election issues that we worked on in the past.

While in Oneonta, I had the opportunity to meet and visit with Nathan Kirk, owner of Blount County Tactical. Mr. Kirk is not only a enthusiastic supporter of the Second Amendment, but he’s also a vigorous supporter of the First Amendment – as am I (on both counts).

On the Road: Pell City

I began Tuesday morning in Pell City at WFHK 94.1 FM The River. I was interviewed by Adam and John on that station’s morning show, which was broadcast live to their listeners over the air and as video from the studio on Facebook.

I enjoyed talking with Adam and John and sharing with them and their listeners information about me and my campaign for Secretary of State.

On the Road: Ashville – St. Clair County Voting Machine Testing

I attended the public testing of voting machines in St. Clair County this morning in Ashville. Ashley Hilburn – a St. Clair County poll worker- and I selected two machines for review and observed the successful testing. It was great seeing St. Clair County’s new probate judge Andrew Weathington and recently-retired probate judge Mike Bowling.

On the Road: Cullman & Mobile

While I was in Tuscaloosa Thursday night, supporters represented me at events in Cullman Mobile Counties.

Deborah Howard, my campaign manager from St. Clair County, was at a dinner hosted by Cullman County’s Republican Women which I helped sponsor.

Meanwhile, Cynthia Feirman was at the meeting of the Semmes Chamber of Commerce in Mobile County.

I am blessed by – and thankful for – supporters like Deborah and Cynthia.

On the Road: Moody

I am glad I had the opportunity to participate in and speak at the St. Clair County Republican Party’s dinner honoring military service members and first responders. The dinner was held at the Moody Civic Center. Proceeds from the dinner will provide funding for two scholarship programs in St. Clair County.

The guest of honor and keynote speaker last night was Jeff Sessions, former Alabama Attorney General, former U.S. Senator, and former U.S. Senator. I enjoyed hearing him.

On the Road: Pell City

Yesterday, supporters in St. Clair County held a “meet & greet” for me in Pell City. It was well-attended, so I had a wonderful opportunity to meet some great people and share with them who I am and why I’m running to be your next Secretary of State.

With St. Clair County Probate Judge Mike Bowling
With Judith Wofford (St. Clair County Board of Registrars), Deborah Howard (St. Clair County Election Coordinator), and Annette Manning (retired St. Clair County Circuit Clerk)
With St. Clair County Circuit Clerks: Annette Manning (retired) and Kathy Burke (current)
With Chairman Paul Manning of the St. Clair County Commission & Marie Manning
With Ashley Hilburn
With Cathy Fine
With Sarah Howard and Deborah Howard
With Ren Wheeler (St. Clair County Board of Registrars)
With Judith Wofford, , Lynn Foshee, and Ren Wheeler (Members of the St. Clair County Board of Registrars)
With St. Clair County Sheriff Billy J. Murray
With Probate Court Assistant Clerk Mary Walker
With Charity Mitchum and Deborah Howardx
With St. Clair County Poll Worker Barbara Fincher
St. Clair County Probate Judge Mike Bowling, Ashley Hilburn, and retired St. Clair County Circuit Clerk Annette Manning
With St . Clair County Poll Worker Alfred Guido
With Annette Manning and St. Clair County Poll Workers Mr. & Mrs. Chaney
St. Clair County Officials: Judith Wofford (Board of Registrars), Tracy Wolfe (Revenue Commission and Absentee Voting), and Donna Lee (Revenue Commission)
With St. Clair County Poll Worker Sonia Dale
With Mandy Bowling Camp
(Complete Catering Company)

On the Road: Guntersville, Scottsboro, Fort Payne, Pell City

I wrapped up meeting with the Circuit Clerks in Guntersville early this morning. I always appreciate time spent with those colleagues and friends.

With Winston County Circuit Clerk J.D. Snoddy and his wife
With Circuit Clerks Jeannie Gibson (Crenshaw County) and Brad Curnutt (Limestone County)
With Circuit Clerks Lisa Burdette (l, Chambers County) and Valerie Knapp (r, Washington County)

I met with Michael Johnson (Revenue Commissioner), Don Milligan (chair of the Board of Registrars) and Judge Andrea LeCroy (Probate Judge), all of Marshall County.

From there, I travelled to Scottsboro to meet with various elected officials in Jackson County – including Probate Judge Victor Manning and Circuit Clerk Bart Buchanan – and their staff.

In Jackson County, with Victor Manning (l, Probate Judge) and Bart Buchanan (r, Circuit Clerk)

Afterward, I made my way to Fort Payne, where I met various DeKalb County elected officials and their staff.

I ended the night in Pell City with the St. Clair County Young Republicans at the Pell City Steak House.

With Wally Bromberg (r) and Ken Crowe (m, St. Clair County Revenue Commissioner)
With Logan Glass (l, chair of the St. Clair County Young Republicans) and Ashley Hilburn
With Wally Bromberg (l) and Ken Crowe (m, St. Clair County Revenue Commissioner)

Great Day! Talladega, St. Clair and Jackson Counties!

Tuesday (1/18/2022) was a great day, filled with visits with great Republicans in Talladega, St. Clair, and Jackson Counties. My message and agenda items are resonating with people and they (the people) have been showing a lot of support for my candidacy.

The day started with my traveling to Talladega County to drop off campaign materials with the county Republican Party and a passionate supporter.

In St. Clair County, my long-time friend and elections administration colleague, Deborah Howard, continues to assist me. I’m very appreciative of her efforts. If you need help with any election-related issues in St. Clair County, she can help you!

Deborah Howard and Me

I provided Deborah campaign materials as well and then met various people at both the Pell City and Ashville courthouses. I thank Ken Crowe, county Revenue Commissioner, and Deborah for showing me around.

I met with members of the Jackson County Republican Party at Cattle Stampede Steakhouse in Scottsboro. I enjoyed talking to them one-on-one and then speaking to the group as a whole, especially when answering their questions about Alabama election law and procedures.

I appreciate that my cousin, Pamela Norton of Ider, joined me at the meeting. (Yes, I’m aware that Ider is in DeKalb County! But she lives near and works in Scottsboro and has shown tremendous support for my campaign!)

Pamela Norton, my cousin and supporter from Ider

At the Jackson County meeting, I was able to spend time and catch up with a couple of the county’s election officials, with whom I’ve worked for years: Bart Buchanan, Circuit Clerk and Absentee Election Manager; and Kathy Thompson, a member of the Board of Registrars. Since I have usually interacted with county election officials over the phone, it’s great when I can see them in-person!

Bart Buchanan and Me
Kathy Thompson and Me

I’m looking forward to upcoming visits in many other of Alabama’s great counties.