On the Road: Tuscaloosa, Part 2 – with Municipal Officials

I enjoyed meeting and talking with municipal officials tonight at the Hotel Capstone on the campus of the University of Alabama.

I had a great time meeting and speaking with city & town officials, including council members and especially municipal clerks.

On the Road: Gadsden & Lake View & Florence

In Gadsden yesterday, I met with several Etowah County officials, including Probate Judge Scott Hassell and Chief Administrative Officer Shane Ellison.

With Etowah County Registrar Peggy Davis and Probate Judge Scott Hassell
With Shane Ellison, Chief Administrative Officer for Etowah County

I also met with Peggy Davis, Cathy Ledbetter, and Becky Watson of the Board of Registrars, then Jennifer Cain, who works with absentee voting in the Circuit Clerk’s office.

With the Etowah County Board of Registrars
With Jennifer Cain

Later, I was in Lake View with supporters Vivian and Paul Hunter. Lake View is a small town that straddles the Jefferson County-Tuscaloosa County border.

With Paul and Vivian Hunter of Lake View

I ended the day in Florence, in preparation for meeting Republicans from Lauderdale and Colbert Counties at the Shoals Republican Club gathering this morning.